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Collecting books for collections is intensely enjoyable. Many people do it, especially young readers. It doesn’t matter what the book is, if it fits a collection, then it is worth having. I now do it myself. If a book has been published by The Nonesuch Press, I want it. I don’t know why and seldom bother to worry about it. Books in collections are slices of something good; fruity, restorative, rich. When a reader says, ‘I’m adding this to my collection’, I know what they are referring to. They are keeping it for later. Later is a realm of time ahead of us that has seats, shelves, warmth, and wooden tables of quiet food.

 A set of books is something you can enter, like a realm, and inside, it is complex and never still.

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  1. You begin reading a series, starting from book one. You reach the last one with satisfaction but also a sense of loss – no more, no pleasurable anticipation waiting for the next volume to be published. The books sit together on the shelf, awaiting the promised re-reading (for which there is seldom time). So, where to now? Another series, another collection! Whether books or owls, collecting is addictive… 😛

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