A few days ago I was eating a really nice salad sandwich for lunch. No, I’m not one to do “foodie” posts, so this is not “the” sandwich, just a random internet photo that fits the bill. I was also in energetic conversation with a friend (I talk with my hands!) and managed to knock my sandwich off the table. I was able  to pick it up relatively intact, and was about to bin it when my treacherous brain said to me “There are people out there in the world who have no food, and who would happily eat your reject sandwich, even though its been briefly on the floor. Why won’t you?” So, do I apply the ‘5 second rule’ rigorously and bin the sandwich, or do I go with my global conscience?

I ate the sandwich, and obviously I didn’t expire. So are we being too hygienic, too precious about what we’ll eat, too clean for our own good and the good of the planet? We throw away so much good food… #5secondrule #foodwaste



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