Larrikin lorikeets

Swoop and shriek,

“Here! Here! Eat! Eat!”

Black and yellow honeyeaters

Hustle and rustle grevillea blooms.

Tall sky echoes blue iris,

Air is warm, wattle scented.

Heart leaps.


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I’m blue…

Another new thing tried, to add to the “Year of being seventy.”

BlueI’ve often looked at people (not just women!) sporting vibrant hair colours – blue, pink, green, red – and thought “I’d like to try a colour like that.” So with the initially reluctant help of my hairdresser, I’m now blue! It’s not as bright as the colour swatch, because I didn’t have any bleaching, just let my natural grey and white hairs soak up as much colour as they wished. So the end result is somewhat subtle… And my hairdresser? She now says “Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone.”


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Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia

Another tick on my “Year of Being Seventy” list. The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is breath-takingly amazing! Photos simply do not do it justice. This is Antoni Gaudi’s master work, but the whole city of Barcelona is full of buildings designed and created by him, and all in the wonderful Art Nouveau style, full of curves, colour, animals , plants birds and Nature in general.

“A straight line belongs to man, a curved line belongs to God”   Antoni Gaudi

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Up Up and Away!


It’s so peaceful up among the clouds, and a balloon is the BEST way to fly… First item on my “I should try that” list ticked. Ballooning is fabulous – I’m ready to go again! When I told our pilot that I wanted to come again to celebrate my 80th birthday in 10 years’ time, he said ” Come for your 100th and I’ll take you up for free!” We’ll just have to see…

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The Year of Being Seventy

My birthday is early in January – not a good time for birthday celebrations as everyone is either away on holiday or exhausted after Christmas/New Year. So, one year I had an un-birthday party in February!

Since 2018 is a significant birthday, (clocking up three score and ten), I’ve decided to celebrate for the whole year by doing and experiencing a heap of things on my I Should Try That list. I’ve already begun with a booking for a Balloon Adventure – gifted to me for my birthday by my wonderful kids. After one aborted attempt, still waiting for the weather to be kind. Will try again soon.

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Wine, Autumn and Ageing…

Autumn is my favourite season – still warm, still growing, but winding down ready for  winter. I’m in my 70s now, and enjoying the human version Autumn. Like a good wine or cheese, I think I’m maturing.

Wine is sunlight, held together by water.  Galileo Galilei



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Dear diary…..

When I was younger I kept a secret diary in which to record my innermost musings. But keeping a diary requires time and inclination, both in short supply when life is busy. I wonder how successful this electronic version will be……..

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